‘Game of Thrones’ Sequel Series Focused on Jon Snow in the Works

HBO will just not let Game of Thrones die.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kit Harington is attached to reprise his role as Jon Snow in the upcoming Game of Thrones sequel series. The series will pick up after Game of Thrones‘ final season, which ended with Jon Snow discovering that his true name was Aegon Targaryen and that he was a potential heir to the Iron Throne. The character was exiled from Westeros in the series finale and “journeyed North of the Wall with the Wildlings to leave his old life behind.”

No word yet on if any other Game of Thrones characters will appear in the series (who’s even still alive at this point?). Also, why is Harington returning to Game of Thrones so soon after landing a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Dane Whitman/Black Knight. I was positive Marvel Studios had big plans for his character (a Disney+ series and a role in the Blade movie; I’d have bet good money on it). How much money is HBO paying you, Harington? How much!

For those keeping track, there are now SEVEN Thrones projects in the works and that number does not include the upcoming House of the Dragon prequel series since it’s awaiting release. Does the world really need (or want) eight more Game of Thrones series? I’d say no, but maybe they do.

The three live-action Thrones prequels are 10,000 Ships (aka Nymeria), 9 Voyages (aka The Sea Snake), and Dunk and Egg. There are also three animated prequel projects. We don’t know what two of them will be about, but the third will be called The Golden Empire and will be set in the China-inspired land of Yi Ti.

We’ll (maybe) keep you posted on all these upcoming Game of Thrones prequels as more information on them is revealed.

Okay, Game of Thrones fans, it’s time to tell us down in the comments if you are even excited about any of these series or would you rather have books 6 and 7 in A Song of Ice and Fire instead?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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