‘Hell Den’ Trailer – A Post Apocalyptic MST3K Cartoon For Your Eye Holes

A new six episode show titled Hell Den is being released by Shout! Studios on the DrinkTV streaming platform.

It looks to be child friendly, just like hepatitis-dipped chainsaws may be.

The Dr. God comedy troupe will be providing the riff takes on various old TV shows amid the backdrop of a post-Apocalyptic wasteland (hey, that’s us!) where 12-year old Andrew and his ‘friends’ BET-C (the android), Fleek (the alien); Giantic (the giant attached to the foot on the right) and Kenneth (the other Horseman of the Apocalypse), watch bad television.

Dateline reports that the show fit well into DrinkTV’s beverage-themed programming lineup:

“Not much goes together better than a few drinks and a few laughs with friends,” said Chris Burke, Co-Founder of DrinkTV. “We’re big fans of Dr. God’s uniquely twisted brand of comedy, and we’re excited to premiere Hell Den on DrinkTV. As soon as we watched the concept trailer we were excited to commission a series. As fans, we really wanted to see where they’d go with it, and they did not disappoint!’

There’s no real shortage of R-Rated cartoons these days, but a solid setup like riffing on bad television never goes unwanted. Assuming everyone’s brain is finally scrubbed clean from Paradise P.D., would you want to catch something like this?

Now imagine an Adventure Time crossover.

(I’m kidding, that will never happen.)