How Well Do You Know ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994)?

Test your knowledge of the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction with this quiz featuring easy, obscure, and mind-boggling questions!


#1. How many definitions of the word "pulp" appear at the beginning of the film?

#2. What is the name of the place Pumpkin and Honeybunny attempt to rob, and where Vincent and Jules eat breakfast?

#3. What is a quarter pounder called in Europe?

#4. What passage of the bible does Jules "preach" to his victims before he kills them?

#5. What floor was Tony Rocky Horror thrown from?

#6. In the restaurant, what does Mia order that surprises Vincent by the cost?

#7. Butch tells his girlfriend, Fabienne, that he will be back before she can say what?

#8. Tarantino appears in the movie playing who?

#9. What was the beverage that Jules Winfield drank after eating some of Brett's Big Kahuna Burger?

#10. Which character says, "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead," in the movie?


Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"