‘Itsy Bitsy’ Trailer: With No John Goodman in Sight, We’re Screwed

Hacienda Film Co. has just given us an idea about how bad things can get in between exterminator visits and lets just say that there are things out there worse than possessed dolls, demon nuns and murderous super-teens. Hey look, kids, it’s not so Itsy Bitsy!

There has always been something about upscaling insects and arachnids; it gives you a chance to look into those multitude of eyes and guess what alien impulses and hungers lie behind them. But keeping the damned demon spider the size of a cocker-spaniel means it can still conceivably hide behind that bookshelf or skitter silently along the ceiling over your sleeping, snoring mouth.

Anyone tangling with a big spider can sense an intelligence there, some sort of mental life and death connection while you’re swinging a broom down repeatedly; the spider knows what you’re thinking and seems to savour that; and as it leaves, unharmed, it muses “I’ll remember this moment. I’ll remember it and I’ll be seeing you again soon.”

Either way, freaking no. No thank you. Hell no. I’d rather spend a day in the sewers with a clown creature no. No.

Itsy Bitsy is helmed by debut writer/director Micah Gallo (who has a long career in the VFX world, including Frozen (the ski-lift one, not the singing princesses), Hatchet and The Quiet Ones) from a screenplay cowritten by Gallo, Bryan Dick and Jason Alvino.

It stars X-Men‘s Bruce Davison, Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary), Elizabeth Roberts (Word Party), Arman Darbo (And Then I Go), Chloe Perrin (Single Parents) and Treva Etienne (Black Hawk Down).

Plot Synopsis:

Kara, a private nurse and single mother, moves from the big city to the quiet countryside with her two children, 13-year-old Jesse and 8-year-old Cambria, to live with and take care of an elderly man with multiple sclerosis. Things seem normal enough until Jesse discovers a mysterious old relic in the old man’s house, leading to unexpected and horrifying things coming to life.

Itsy Bitsy hits theatres 30 August 2019.

What do you guys think? Any big bug horror fans out there in the Wasteland?

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