James Bobin in Talks to Direct Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Clue’ Remake

JoBlo has word that James Bobin is in talks to direct the upcoming remake of Clue.

Previously, we had heard Jason (not Justin) Bateman was set to direct and star in the remake of the 1985 film. However, he has had to drop out of both roles due to scheduling conflicts with his Netflix drama Ozark. That’s a bit of a shame as I was looking forward to seeing Bateman in another board game mystery like Game Night.

Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick penned the script for CLUE. They previously said the following:

“It will have elements of [the original movie], but it’s important that we don’t try and just rehash it. We want to build on it. We want to take some of what makes it fun and funny, but then we want to do our own thing. It’s about finding that balance. Hopefully we don’t upset the Clue-hounds because there are a lot of them apparently. We didn’t realize this until we signed up.”

The duo also recently spoke with JoBlo’s JimmyO prior to the release of Zombieland: Douple Tap. They said:

“most of our movies are comedy first, and thrills second. So we’re definitely leaning in hard on the comedy. It’s going to be really fun… It really will have stakes and gravitas. When maybe not so much gravitas, it’s broad, but someone will die. So it’s going to be real.”

I am only familiar with Bobin’s work with the Muppets. That said, I think he could bring that Muppet crazy into the adaptation of Clue. Actually, let’s just have the Muppets star alongside Ryan Reynolds in this new remake. That’d get my butt in the seat.

What do you think of Bobin as director of Clue? Who do you want to see star alongside Reynolds?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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