Kane’s Top Five Films of 2020

(This article is part of our Best of 2020 series.)

2020 sucked blah blah blah. Especially for movies blah blah blah. I’m tired of talking about it. Here are my top five films of 2020.


Like most, this was the first movie I was able to see in theaters after the shutdowns began back in March. I’m glad I was able to watch this on the big screen and although I wouldn’t claim this as one of Nolan’s best, Tenet was one of the most fun movies I saw this year with some incredible action. In a normal year, this probably doesn’t make my top five but it gets some bonus points for being the only big release during a time movies weren’t being shown on the big screen. It had an engaging and head-scratching dealing with a unique way of time-travel that had me wanting to rewatch it the minute it was over. Partly to understand some things better but to also rewatch some of the amazing action scenes Nolan delivered.

The Lodge

This was the last movie I saw in theaters back in February before Tenet was released in September. For me, it was an unexpected hit that was a solid single location horror movie. There is an eerie feeling throughout the movie while it keeps you guessing about what is really happening. Riley Keough does a good job of being the sweet and helpful girlfriend to someone experiencing PTSD from previous trauma as she is stuck with her new boyfriend’s kids in a cabin alone. There is a slow and methodical dread here that keeps you engaged until the end.

His House

His House follows a couple that is refugees from Africa trying to start over in an English town. As they move into their new pace and try adjusting to their surroundings, odd occurrences and noises begin to take place within their new home. As the story unfolds, there are some scares, incredible acting, and an unexpected story that helps make this one of the best movies of 2020. The most horrific aspect of this film though is the refugee experience shown as we follow the couple on their journey.


I wasn’t expecting much from this action flick. I’m not the biggest Hemsworth fan but he delivered here while the movie had some stellar stunt work with some exciting action sequences. There were some long takes that were extremely well done and makes me want to see what director Sam Hargrave does next. The story of a blacks ops mercenary who has nothing to really live for but the job must rescue a drug lord’s kidnapped son. In between the action, there are some solid moments of drama and character building with Chris Hemsworth showing some decent range. This movie is perfect for action junkies who love a lot of carnage.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a period drama set in the 18th century about two women, and one of them is a painter. She embarks on a tough sea voyage to go to a remote island where she has been called to do a painting of another young woman. The young woman is engaged to a rich Italian man who wants to see her painting. This girl does not want to marry, she does not want to be painted either, so the painter must do it in a way where she doesn’t realize she is being observed. They go on to becoming companions in an exquisite love story. I’m usually not big on period films but this one is elegant and gorgeous. French director Céline Sciamma’s fourth feature film does an amazing job of drawing the viewer in through her meticulous but hypnotizing work. This love story is powerfully acted by all involved to make one of the best movies of 2020.

Let me know some of your favorite movies from 2020 down below!

Author: Vincent Kane

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