Michael Mann Eyeing ‘Heat 2’ as Next Film; Adam Driver in Talks for Robert DeNiro’s Role

It looks like Michael Mann‘s crime film Heat is finally getting a sequel.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is in negotiations to develop Heat 2, a sequel to the 1995 classic that was published as a novel in August 2022. Heat 2, which was written by Mann and Meg Gardiner, is set before and after the events of the original film. The book jumps between two time periods — 1988 and 2000 — with the earlier setting following “Neil McCauley, Chris Shiherlis, and their high-line crew taking scores on the West Coast, the U.S.-Mexico border, and in Chicago. At the same time, Vincent Hanna is cutting his teeth as a rising star in the Chicago police department chasing an ultraviolent gang of home invaders.” Meanwhile, the sequel period follows “Shiherlis as he tries to evade the LAPD and Hanna following the bank robbery gone bad and moves forward into new territory in the tri-border zone and Southeast Asia.”

Insiders additionally report that Adam Driver, who recently starred in Mann’s Ferrari, is in discussions to play young Neil McCauley in the sequel. The role was originally played by Robert DeNiro in Heat. No other casting has been reported, although rumors suggest Ana de Armas will play McCauley’s love interest in the 1988 timeline. Al Pacino is also rumored to return as Hanna in the 2000 timeline. If that’s true, the film would have to use de-aging technology to make Pacino look younger. However, at this time, Driver is the only actor firmly attached to the project.

We’ll keep you posted as more information about Heat 2 becomes available.

Are you down for Heat 2? Who would you cast as a young McCauley?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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