‘Mortal Kombat’ Official Restricted Trailer: Get Ready for Fatalities

HBO Max has released an official restriced trailer for Mortal Kombat. Well, I’ve watched the trailer and, unless you find CGI blood disturbing, there is no reason this trailer should be age-restricted.

Like is this the plot of the actual video games? I’ve played them like twice and they were okay. I’m not sure this trailer sold me on actually wanting to check this film out. There’s nothing really spectacular here. It looks way too over the top for my liking, and even a bit yawn-inducing. They should have got someone like the John Wick guys, who know how to direct fight sequences, to helm this new adaptation.

It’s going to be a no from me, dawg.

Plot Synopsis:

MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan) is unaware of his heritage – or why Outworld’s Emperor seeks to hunt him down. Cole finds sanctuary under Lord Raiden (Tadanobu Asano) and prepares to stand with Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high-stakes battle for the universe. Will Cole be able to unleash his arcana in time to stop the Outworld once and for all?

Mortal Kombat hits theaters and HBO Max on April 16, 2020.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing this at all?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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