Movie Madness Tournament: Best of the 1980s Elite Eight

It’s back! SAW’s 2nd Annual Movie Madness Tournament to determine what is the best movie of the 1980s. The process was started almost a year ago in order to decide the best of the best films from of the 80s. Films were graded by an intricate scoring system in order to eliminate bias and subjectivity to help find the best field of 64 films we could gather. We also had three vote in polls where you guys helped select the remaining films. Seeds and matchups are the only places where subjectivity came into play to help spread the movies out to avoid certain genres from being piled together.

The process is easy. Click on the official voting ballot below, vote for each matchup in round one, and submit your form. Voting for the Elite Eight ends Sunday, March 28th at 11:59 pm CST. Check back on Monday, March 29th to see who won and to vote for the Final Four Matchups. We will continue weekly until there is one movie standing tall above the rest as the best movie of the 1980s!


VHS Region

Big Winner: A Nightmare on Elm Street and Aliens both dispatched their opponents pretty easily. Should be an exciting matchup in the Elite Eight!

Big Upset: A #12 seed over a #1 seed would usually be a pretty big upset but Ran was barely holding on this whole tournament as ANOES has shredded its competition.

The Elite Eight: A battle of 80s genre juggernauts. What’s not to love here?!

Training Montage Region

Big Winner: The Shining destroying Raging Bull is a pretty big surprise here. I had a feeling it would win but not by this much.

The Elite Eight: The Terminator vs The Shining is an interesting matchup. Two completely different but beloved movies. Who ya got?

DeLorean Region

Big Winner: Empire Strikes back is simply taking no prisoners. Who’s next?

Huge Upset: I honestly thought Back to the Future was going to battle Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark out for the championship. It was an odds-on favorite but The Thing pulled off one of the biggest upsets of all time. Can it slay another giant and take down the Empire?

The Elite Eight: Can The Thing slay another giant and take down the Empire?

Yippie Ki Yay Region

Big Winner: Die Hard takes out Ghostbusters pretty easily and moves on to the Elite Eight.

The Sweet Sixteen: This one of the few results that have bummed me out so far this tournament. The Princess Bride battle its heart out and just barely came up short to the heavyweight that is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Inconceivable!

The Elite Eight: Die Hard might just be the foe to take down Raiders. Watch out for a big battle brewing.


Here is the full bracket

Let us know what you voted for and which movie you would like to win the whole thing! Were there any matchups that you had a tough time deciding on who to vote for?

*An email is required and you must select a winner for each matchup. If you haven’t seen a movie from that matchup just pick whichever movie you think deserves to win and then watch those movies!*

Author: Vincent Kane

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