New Bourne Movie in Development; Could Connect to ‘Treadstone’ Series

Treadstone, a Bourne television spin-off set after the events of Jason Bourne, is set to premiere later this month on the USA Network. Now, CinemaBlend is reporting that a new Jason Bourne film may be in development and will tie into the series.

Bourne franchise executive producer Ben Smith confirmed that there will be connections between the next movie and Treadstone:

“I mean we are definitely working on another film. What we’re doing within that? Will there be connected tissue in terms of are we all existing within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps.”

Smith added that the events and stories that are explored within Treadstone would be “concurrent” to Bourne 6, so we could be looking at the beginnings of another shared universe.

Treadstone looks like it has a better chance at success than The Bourne Legacy ever had. For those who scrubbed that film from their brains, Legacy was a 2012 spin-off starring Jeremy Renner that was connected to events of Matt Damon’s Bourne trilogy. I watched Legacy once and was extremely confused. That said, I’d pay good money to see Jason Bourne and Renner’s Aaron Cross meet in a sixth film. Heck, throw in some of the main cast of Treadstone and let’s get ourselves a real action-packed crossover event.

Will you have any part in the future of Jason Bourne and Treadstone? Or are you finished with the franchise?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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