Night of the Lists | Patreon Only: Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2021

We want to thank everyone who listened to our first episode that we dropped last week and want to let you guys know Sailor and Kane have plenty more in store for you guys. Our normal episodes to be dropped bi-weekly will be completely free but if you would like to hear some of our bonus content you can go join the Cult of Trash over on Patreon. We have different tiers set up so you can enjoy early access, bonus content, receive an on-air shoutout, and even pick a horror topic for Sailor and Kane to rank! Some of our future Patreon only episodes will include best Dogs of Horror, Masks, and an A to Z of Horror Movies!

In this Patreon only episode: Sailor and Kane’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2021. We discuss and rank our top 5 horror movies that we are looking forward too especially since most of them were supposed to come out last year! Not only do we talk about the upcoming movies but somehow we talk about the Fast and Furious franchise along with video game movies and the possibility of resurrecting the great Wes Craven. Become a Trashhead now!

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Author: Vincent Kane

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