One Choice: Horror Remakes

Inspired by the popular online game that asks people to choose one movie from a group of four, One Choice… is pretty much the same game. Readers will be given four similar movies and asked to choose one. Now here’s the catch, the other three movies will be gone forever, wiped from your brain as if they never existed. Are you ready to theoretically live in a world where you have The Empire Strikes Back but not Star Wars or Return of the Jedi? What about the 1989 Batman movie but not Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight? The choice is yours, screenager, so choose wisely.

Spooky season means horror-themed One Choice installments. First up, four horror remakes from the 2000s and 2010s. You pick one to survive. The other three are erased from existence.

Here are the 4 Movies:

Halloween (2007)

Cast: Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, and Tyler Mane

Synopsis: After being committed for 15 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution and immediately returns to Haddonfield to find his baby sister, Laurie.

Friday the 13th (2009)

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Amanda Righetti, and Derek Mears

Synopsis: A group of young adults visit a boarded up campsite named Crystal Lake where they soon encounter the mysterious Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Cast: Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, and Kyle Gallner

Synopsis: The spectre of a disfigured man haunts the children of the parents who murdered him, stalking and killing them in their dreams.

Child’s Play (2019)

Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Mark Hamill

Synopsis: A mother gives her 13-year-old son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.

So, will it be Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or Child’s Play? It’s time to choose. What will be your One Choice?

Four Movies, One Choice: Horror Remakes

What will be your One Choice?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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