Should Disney Remake the ‘Star Wars’ Sequels?

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Two years ago, Dhalgren asked us if Disney should remake the Star Wars prequels. He argued that a “lot of people dislike the prequels, and it’s even been speculated that the fan-favorite Clone Wars TV show was canceled because Disney wanted to distance itself from the prequel era and fans’ dislike of that trilogy.” Well, it is now 2022 and fans love both the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars show now and absolutely despise the Sequel Trilogy.

Lucasfilm has distanced itself considerably from the sequel timeline first introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and has instead opted to tell stories set during the Original Trilogy. With so many original Star Wars fans hating the Sequel Trilogy and not enough Star Wars: The Last Jedi fans around to lock the oldies up in a retirement home, the odds of remaking or retconning certain elements from the Sequel Trilogy does seem likely. But I want to hear from you.

So, the question I ask today is: should Disney remake the Sequel Trilogy?

I don’t think they need to nor should Lucasfilm remake the sequel trilogy. They never would anyway because that would mean admitting they screwed up. I got a better idea, but first, I’m going to quote Dhalgren again. In his “remake the prequels” QOTD, he stated “The Clone Wars has done such a great job of expanding the mythology, building out the world of the prequels, and laying the foundation for Anakin’s turn to the dark side” and that’s exactly what I think Lucasfilm needs to do with the Sequel Trilogy.

Hire Dave Filoni to create an animated series set right before The Force Awakens that runs throughout the Sequel Trilogy and ends a year after The Rise of Skywalker. Make a six-season show with 100 episodes that expand on certain plot points, introduce new characters, and build backstories for ones introduced in the Sequel Trilogy. Episodes can add new scenes that change how audiences view certain moments from the Sequel Trilogy. It’s not so much a remake as it is subtle retconning. I believe this is the best chance of forming some cohesive tissue between the three films in the Sequel Trilogy.

So what about you, screenagers? Do you think Disney and Lucasfilm should remake the Sequel Trilogy in hopes of salvaging the future of the galaxy far, far away?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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