Take a Deep Breath ’80s Fans, the Bidding War for ‘The NeverEnding Story’ Film & TV Rights Has Begun

“Welcome to Reboot City, Falkor! Population: You!”

Deadline is reporting that The NeverEnding Story, yet another huge 80’s property is the subject of a fierce bidding war between streaming platforms and studios. The 1984 film by Woflgang Petersen was based upon a 1979 fantasy book by Michael Ende which spawned two sequels. If you aren’t familiar with the story here’s the plot:

The NeverEnding Story follows a boy who happens upon a magical book that tells of a young warrior given the task of stopping the Nothing, a dark force [Stranger Things, anyone?], from engulfing the wonderland world of Fantastica. It’s a special tale, full of dragons, shapeshifters, giants and spectacular kingdoms. At its heart is the story of an awkward boy, trying to connect with his own family and escape from school bullies, who becomes lost (and found) in a fantastical world of danger and adventure.
Ende famously and unsuccessfully sued the producers of the 1984 film because he felt it deviated too much from his source material. Recently, the property has been chased by Warner Bros, Kennedy/Marshall Company (yes, THAT Kathleen Kennedy) and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way to do another adaptation. Thankfully, none of them were able to get their grubby paws on the property. If I sound spiteful, I am. Kennedy shouldn’t touch another late 70’s- early 80’s property EVER.
Since the story is developing, keep with us and we’ll update you.

People of the Wasteland, lend me your ears eyes for I come to complain about movies, not praise them! Let’s talk it over below, good idea or not? Preferences on a bidding war winner?

Author: Ralph Hosch

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