‘The Last Mercenary’ Trailer: Jean-Claude Van Damme Becomes an Action Star Again

Netflix has released an official trailer for The Last Mercenary, an upcoming action-comedy film that let’s Jean-Claude Van Damme put his legs to good use. Let’s take a look.

Damn, I’m torn on this one. It looks like Van Damme is having a blast in this role, but I’m a little hesitant on it being in French. I’m not one to turn down a foreign film just because it isn’t in English, but reading subtitles becomes more of a job when I’m busy trying to watch Van Damme’s legs kill bad guys.

The Last Mercenary will be nowhere near the top of my Netflix watchlist when it comes out next month, but I’ll hopefully get around to it one day.

Plot Synopsis:

Richard Brumère, aka “La Brume” (“The Mist”), a former French secret service special agent turned mercenary, is back in the saddle as the immunity he was granted 25 years earlier for his son Archibald is lifted. A mob operation threatens Archibald’s life. To save him, Richard will have to reach out to his old contacts, join forces with a bunch of reckless youngsters from the projects and an offbeat bureaucrat – but mostly find the courage to let Archibald know he’s his father.

The Last Mercenary begins streaming July 30, 2021 on Netflix.

What do you guys think? Interested in seeing this at all?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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