‘The Wave’ – New Psychedelic Sci-Fi Film Purchased by Epic Pictures

Deadline has confirmed that Epic Pictures has purchased the worldwide distribution rights to The Wave, a science fiction film set to star Justin Long and Donald Faison.

Long will portray ‘Frank’, who on the verge of a promotion takes a mysterious psychedelic drug which reveals the truth of his existence.

Tommy Flanagan, Bill Sage, Katia Winter, Sheila Vand and Ronnie Gene Blevins are also signed on to star in the film which will be directed by debuting helmsman Gille Klabin.

There are other indy sci-fi films that deal with dangerous reality warping psychedelics but hopefully this time things will work out.

“This film was a tiny passion project Carl and I had dreamed of making over a series of weekends,” Klabin said. “It snowballed into a much bigger production than we ever dreamed possible but was always our little psychedelic baby. It is so overwhelmingly exciting that the film found its home with Epic Pictures, a company that champions the weird and wonderful works of cinema being made today.”

The Wave was written by Carl W. Lucas (Illegal).


What say you, Wasteoids? Long and Faison have been around forever, and their involvement seems to definitely indicate a somewhat comical approach to this movie. Will this be a prebuilt cult favourite or will there be something more substantial on show?