‘Train to Busan’ Sequel ‘Peninsula’ Aiming for Summer 2020

A follow-up to one of the best horror movies of the decade and one you will find on my all-time horror list was announced back in August of 2018 as we learned that director Yeon Sang-ho was working on a sequel to his exceptional 2016 zombie film Train to Busan.

The sequel will be titled Peninsula and is likely to arrive in later next year as the distribution company stated this week, “We are preparing for the market release by summer 2020, but the schedule for international release has not been decided yet,”

Train to Busan followed the story of passengers trapped on a train while trying to survive a zombie virus that rapidly turns bitten victims into fast-moving flesh eaters. Peninsula is looking to expand on that universe.

The film will revisit the same zombie virus that was seen in the original movie, except this time the focus will be expanded to the entire Korean peninsula.”

Train to Busan spawned a prequel with the animated film Seoul Station back in 2016, and we had learned last September than an English-language remake was in the works.

Author: Vincent Kane

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