‘Vivarium’ Teaser – Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots Buy a House: Terror Ensues


A teaser trailer has been released for Lorcan Finnegan‘s upcoming supernatural thriller Vivarium. Predicted to be a must-see project (making the esteemed 58th Annual Critic’s Week programme) in the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, the film stars Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots as a young couple embarking on the journey of first home ownership.

So, I’m guessing that things go horribly wrong when that’s your realtor.


Finnegan, for whom this is a second outing into creepy film territory had this to say when speaking with Deadline:
I’ve always loved fables and parables. Stories that entertain but carry a message or warning. I grew up on faery stories, ghost stories and reading Greek and Roman mythology, and being Irish, I’m genetically drawn towards the liminal, twilight world.


His last film was 2016’s Without Name, which saw a land surveyor encounter dark supernatural forces in an ancient and isolated forest.

Plot Synopsis:

A couple looking for the perfect home, find themselves trapped in a mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood of identical houses

What do you guys think? Down for another taste of unsettling horror found in mundane places? I’m actually keen to see both Eisenberg and Poots in these kind of roles so this might be a great chance to go back to their indy roots for a while.

Let us know your thoughts on Vivarium below!