Weekend Fallout: ‘Are They Dead?’

The Weekend Fallout is an unsafe place to discuss most things in the reel and real world.

Let us know what you have been watching recently on the big and small screen. Excited about any upcoming releases? Doing anything fun this weekend? Simply sitting around in your underwear eating dang quesadillas while watching movies and endlessly scrolling through social media? Let us know below!

Yeah I was busy last week and completely forgot about the weekend thread, and it looks like so did most of you. Thirty-three comments?? Jeez guys, no holiday excuses for that man. Get your shit together. 😛


Here are some articles from this past week that we encourage you to check out and jump in (or start) the conversation. 


‘The Last of Us’ Season 1.04 “Please Hold to My Hand” Spoiler Thread


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Ok so it’s not nearly as bad as I remember, BUT it still isn’t very good. The combo of Willie Scott and Short Round is honestly cringeworthy. I don’t really think we needed both of them in the film. Short Round on his own may have been fine I guess. Plus it gets a little slow in the middle. Fight me. 3/5

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) This movie is horrendously boring and unnecessary. I actually fell asleep watching this and it was barely eight o’clock. There are so may stupid things throughout, that nuking the fridge is actually ok in my book. Did we need three groundhog gags, giant ants or swinging with the monkeys? No. And that jungle car chase is longer and even more boring than the mine cart chase from ToD. .75/5

Poker Face (2023) – Based on the gif you’d think it was a SailorMonsoon list, but NO! It’s just a simple weekly mystery series. The first episode was a great intro, even if it is a completely ridiculous premise. Second episode was ok, but the third was a better entry. I’m gonna keep with it, because what the hell, why not. 3.75/5


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