Weekend Fallout: ‘Dead Souls’

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It’s October and you know what that means… Shit is gonna get spooky around here.


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Halloween Ends (2022) – I did not like the last film Halloween Kills, and even the 2018 reboot didn’t do much for me. This one started out pretty well and kept my interest, then it just got stupid and it all fell apart. 2.25/5

Psycho II (1983) – A pretty solid follow up to a classic film that no one probably wanted or needed at the time. But I gotta say it’s a surprisingly good film. Hollywood shits films like this out left and right now, and very few are worthwhile. 3.75/5

Chopping Mall (1986) – 80’s films didn’t fuck around. They just got right to it. The film has the simplest of stories yet it’s super effective. You gotta love the trapped in a mall with killer robots concept. 3.75/5

Jennifer’s Body (2009) – I probably should have seen this sooner. It’s not a bad film, but it already feels dated to me. Maybe it’s the music. Plus it gets a little cheesy at the end, but it’s entertaining enough. Either way it is well acted and a pretty good film. 3.5/5

In the Mouth of Madness (1994) – Another one I should have seen sooner I tell ya! I like Sam Neil and this was a really great Stephen King film that isn’t a Stephen King film. The whole movie is just one big mind fuck. 4.25/5

Prince of Darkness (1987) – Well after In the Mouth of Madness, this one was straight up boring. Minus Donald Pleasance, the cast wasn’t very good and the story dragged. I really didn’t feel like paying attention and by the end I gave up. 1.75/5

Lake Mungo (2008) – Super creepy “documentary” about a girl gone missing at said lake. The whole movie is slow and feels like a real documentary. VERY well made and keeps you intrigued the whole time. 4/5

Manhunter (1986) – I’ve seen Red Dragon a couple times over the years but never got around to this version until now. I gotta say it’s typical Michael Mann (not a bad thing) and kinda dated, but I enjoyed this one. A lot was similar to Ratner’s film and even the Hannibal season that retold this story, but also it was different. I like Brian Cox as Lecter or in this case Lektor, but obviously Anthony Hopkins still reigns supreme. 3.75/5


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