Weekend Fallout: ‘Never Say Die’

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Student Bodies (1981) – It’s a complete spoof of slasher films in the most absolute ridiculous way. I remember it being on HBO or something as a kid. It’s not great by any means. My favorite part is the body count that shows up on screen every time someone dies. It’s like a low budget Zucker and Abrahams flick. One gag in there I think became the entire premise for Swiss Army Man. There are so many little in jokes/running gags that it almost makes it worth the watch. 2.75/5

Return to Horror High (1987) – Not entirely a spoof, but it is a horror “comedy”. And it’s got George Clooney in one of his first roles. This one already ranks higher than Student Bodies because there’s nudity in the first five minutes. The premise is simple, a film crew is making a movie about some murders in this old, abandoned school where some actual murders happened. The crew starts dying. And it’s got Marcia Brady herself Maureen McCormick! Honestly it may have been better than the new Scream. 3.5/5

Reacher (2022) – Initially when I heard this show was announced I was skeptical. I really like the first film. The second was good but less memorable. But Damn this show is solid and a damn good time. This Reacher gives 0 fucks and I love it. Can’t wait for season/book 2. 4.5/5


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