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What is your favorite Keanu Reeves performance/film and why?

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The Clovehitch Killer (2018)

A picture-perfect family is shattered when the work of a serial killer hits too close to home.

A very methodical pace that plants subtle seeds along the way but is ultimately carried by Dylan McDermott’s performance. A father and son movie as much as it is a subtle thriller keeps you guessing exactly where we are headed. (3.5/5)

The Ranger (2019)

“Teen punks, on the run from the cops and hiding out in the woods, come up against the local authority – an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind.”

A fun enough “punk rock” slasher flick streaming on Shudder at the moment. Nothing special and the punk kids are, well, annoying punk kids, but you get to see them murdered. That’s fun. Jeremy Holm as The Ranger is a lot of fun here as a by the book psycho who wants his park respected. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this character. If these type of films appeal to you then you will have a good time checking it out. (3/5)

Colossal (2016)

“Gloria is an out-of-work party girl forced to leave her life in New York City and move back home. When reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, she gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon.”

I hated everything about this. All the characters are awful and it felt like a huge let down of what could have been a interesting premise. Nothing remotely entertaining happened here. I honestly have nothing else to say except for how awful it was. (1.5/5)

Hardware (1990)

“The head of a cyborg reactivates, rebuilds itself, and goes on a violent rampage in a space marine’s girlfriend’s apartment.”

Ah, one of the horror films of my youth that I haven’t seen in maybe 20 years. It actually holds up well as a cyber punk horror film (and with its limited budget), but ultimately it felt like it was lacking. It’s one of those few movies where I actually wanted 20 or 30 minutes and more money added for it to do more with it’s story and the interesting world that director Richard Stanley built. I wanted more  M.A.R.K. 13, which is like a much cooler and more murderous Johnny 5. (3.25/5)


Game of Thrones Season 8.05: “The Bells”

A lot of my thoughts are on the episode spoiler page if you want to read them.

I’ll start with some positives. The score in this episode was simply fantastic and captured the emotion and the intensity of the events. Also, there was a gorgeous scene with a central character and a horse that was pretty freakin great. There were some other really good things in the episode as well, but most were undone by everything being so drawn out over an unnecessary 80-minute run time and some creative choices.  My expectations have lowered going into the final episode.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 1 1.08 “Citizenship”

Strong follow up to last weeks all star episode with us finding out Nandor is a huge fan of 1992 Olympic Dream Team.


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