What Five Directors Would You Choose to Helm Your Perfect Horror Anthology?

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Everyone loves a good horror movie, but what about horror anthologies? They are not always as adored as a standalone horror film. It could be having multiple hands in the pot during production or just not being able to spend enough time with each story. Whatever the case, usually horror anthologies feature multiple directors that each helm one segment (unless of course it’s Trick ‘r Treat which is an excellent horror anthology film with one director at the helm).

Now imagine you were tasked with creating a new horror anthology film. You could hire any director, regardless of genre background, both living and dead, to direct a segment of your film. With that in mind, the question I ask today is: what five directors would you hire?

I’m going to make a lot of horror fans angry with my answer. The only director I’m picking with a lot of expertise in the genre is Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho is my favorite horror movie, so I need the Master of Suspense on my side. I’d probably have Hitchcock direct the opening of the movie and the first story. My vision is for each story to be standalone, but have some sort of connective tissue similar to Trick ‘r Treat. After Hitchcock, I would have Guy Ritchie direct the next story. I like Ritchie’s visual style and I’d love to see his take on the horror genre using his trademark slow-motion shots, non-linear storytelling, and fast-paced action scenes.

Moving along, I’d go straight from Ritchie into Wes Anderson. Specifically, I think I’d want a stop-motion werewolf story from Anderson. I want to see his visual style on full display here. From Anderson, I want Matthew Vaughn to direct a highly violent and bloody slasher story. I want there to be some hints of levity, but not enough that it lessens the horror. Finally, I want Christopher Nolan to come in and give us a powerful ending. I want to see practical sets. I want to see Michael Caine and Tom Hardy. I want a tense, character driven story that leaves you with more questions than answers. Think of the ending of Inception. That’s how I want Nolan to leave viewers with this film.

So those are the five directors I would want to handle my perfect horror anthology. These are some of my favorite directors and I think seeing their visual styles clash together would result in quite a film. I can sort of picture it now if I close my eyes.

So what about you, screenagers? What five directors would you assemble to create the perfect horror anthology?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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