MonsoonVision Presents ‘Never Hike Alone: The Ghost Cut – A Friday the 13th Fan Film Anthology’ (2020)

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Film: Never Hike Alone: The Ghost Cut

Year of release: 2020

Directed by: Vincente DiSanti & Rene Rivas

Plot: A ‘Friday the 13th’ Fan Film that includes “Disappear,” “Never Hike in the Snow,” and “Never Hike Alone” cut into one cohesive anthology timeline with additional scenes and very special guest appearances by ‘Friday the 13th’ alumni. It was assembled to celebrate Friday the 13th of November 2020 and commemorate 4 years of ‘Friday the 13th’ fan content completed by Womp Stomp Films.

Country of Origin: United States

Sex and Violence: Well, it is a Friday the 13th film.

At 9PM CST, hit play and start commenting!

Author: Sailor Monsoon

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