What Horror Franchise Needs a New Installment the Most?

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In a little over a week, Universal and Blumhouse will release Halloween Ends, the third and final installment in their rebooted Halloween trilogy. It’s been a while since a horror property was this successful at the box office, especially one that has been around for over 40 years. There are an endless amount of horror franchises that have fans begging for new installments to be made.

With that in mind, the question I ask today is: what horror franchise deserves a new installment the most?

Friday the 13th is my answer, especially since the franchise is one film away from hitting the BIG 13. A thirteenth Friday the 13th film that is released on a Friday the 13th, I mean, what more could a fan ask for? Personally, I’d love to see a sequel to the 2009 remake but I know I’m in the minority on that. All I know is that I want to see more Jason Voorhees.

Oh, second answer, Happy Death Day. I need one more film to close out this fun time travel horror trilogy. Please, Jason Blum, give the fans what they want!

So what about you, screenagers? What horror franchise is begging for a new installment?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"