What Movie Can You Not Help But Watch When it’s on TV?

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Even with all the streaming services and the fact we might even own the movie on DVD, there is something about running across one of your favorite movies playing on the old tube. What is it that is so alluring about seeing a movie we have seen a hundred times on a channel like TBS and no matter where the movie is when we find it, we have to stop and watch?

So the question I ask today is: What movie can you not help but watch when you find it on TV?

I have quite a few but the some that stand out are Footloose, Grease, and The Princess Bride. Those are three of my all-time favorite movies that I even own but when I see them while scrolling through the channels, I can’t help but stop and watch them. Whether it’s dancing along with Kevin Bacon, singing with Danny and Sandy, or quoting every word of a classic, these films simply pull me in and won’t let me go till the credits hit.

So what about you, folks? What movie must you watch when you see it on TV?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Vincent Kane

I hate things.