What Movie Do You Wish You Could See Again For The First Time?

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There are a TON of movies out there that have a huge impact the first time you see them. Even if you managed to make it all the way to home video release and not know the twist or big reveal, there’s nothing quite like seeing a movie for the first time.

So the question I ask today is: What movie do you wish you could see again for the first time?

I had a bit of insomnia last night and was scrolling through Instagram when I saw Cinema Magic‘s post posing this question. They had a photo for Fight Club attached and I had insomnia so I figured I’d as the question here to the gang. There’s a few obvious answers like the ones referenced already, both of which I wish I saw in the theater, but managed to avoid spoilers. But I know there are more out there.

So what about you, folks? What movie do you wish you could see again for the first time?

Throw out some good ones and let us know why!!

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: K. Alvarez

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