What Movie That You Watched as a Kid Only Made Sense When You Rewatched It as an Adult?

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Have you ever watched a movie and thought it was trash only to revisit it years later and find out that you were missing out on a lot of good stuff because of your age? That’s basically what today’s question is going to be, but I’ll try and reword it a bit better in a bit.

Growing up, we sometimes have to watch stuff we don’t want to watch. After all, we did not all grow up with more than one TV. We had to share the screen, so if dad wanted to watch sports and mom wanted to watch soap operas, and we didn’t want to play outside, well then we were watching sports and soap operas.

That usually extended to movies. Parents pick a film and we can either watch it or not. Usually, we watched it because what else were we going to do? Go to bed early? I think not.

Sometimes the films were boring and you wondered why your parents found them so fascinatingly hilarious. Well, I think we’ve all realized that as we grow up and learn more about life and history, movies that we saw before that new knowledge are viewed in a whole new light.

So the question I ask today is: what movie from your childhood only made sense when you rewatched it as an adult?

For some reason, my mother thought us kids would love Grumpy Old Men and My Big Fat Greek Wedding growing up. Well, we didn’t. We found them super boring.

Then I rewatched both as an adult and holy shit were they hilarious. All the subtle sexual references and jokes made sense. All the relationship and family drama were spot on.

I’ll never understand why my mom thought a ten-year old would find either of these movies funny, but I’m thankful she put them on my radar at such a young age.

So what about you, folks? What movie that you watched as a child made a whole lot more sense when you saw it again as an adult?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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