What Was the Best Decade for Movies?

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The question today is pretty straightforward, but the possible answers to it are anything but. You could answer in terms of critical consensus, the quantity and quality of blockbusters in a given decade, or even just base it on your personal favorites. Nostalgia may play a big factor in how some of you answer and some may try to take an analytical approach and look closely at the history of film.

So I put the question to you: What was the best decade for movies?

I gotta go with the 1980s on this one.

I admit up front that nostalgia played an overwhelming part in my decision, but I decided not to overthink it and just answer based on how many of my favorite movies come from that time period. I lived for genre blockbusters back then, and the 80s are full of classics that set a very high bar that modern blockbusters rarely live up to. From Eddie Murphy comedies and Schwarzenegger actioners to the films of Spielberg and Carpenter, the 80s just has the highest concentration of my favorites, and if I gave any other answer I’d be posing.

But what about you guys and gals? In your opinion, what was the best decade for movies?

Let us know in the comments and let’s talk movies. See ya there.

Author: Dhalbaby

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