What Was the First Movie You Watched in 2021?

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For some, the start of the new year is filled with resolutions and lifestyle changes. For others, it is just another day in the saga that is your life. Some cinephiles want to make sure they start the new year off right by picking a great film to watch. Others accidentally pick something they think might be good, but ends up being significantly worse.

Since SAW is a movie website, it stands to reason that by January 4, 2021 most of you have already seen a movie (or two or three or four), so the question I ask today is: what was the first movie you watched in 2021?


I didn’t really think of the whole “2021 could start off with a bad movie” thing until I had already finished Spontaneous. Luckily, despite what I may have just implied, I really enjoyed Spontaneous. In fact, it almost made my top 5 movies of 2020 list. But there were just a few jokes I did not find that funny and it dragged a bit in places. But man is there a pretty great moment where heads are bursting.

Potentially controversial hot take: I really don’t think Katherine Langford is that good of an actress. I enjoyed her in Knives Out, but not in Spontaneous. Of course, that might just have been the character I didn’t like and not her. *shoulder shrug* Guess I’ll have to watch another movie with her in it to break the decision.

So what about you, folks? What movie started off your 2021 watchlist?

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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