Where Do You Draw the Line Between Bad Movies and Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good?

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We watch all kinds of movies here at SAW. Great ones, good ones, bad ones, and even garbage movies. Most people won’t willingly watch something awful, though, unless there’s some redeeming quality. A terrible movie may be unintentionally funny, it may have gratuitous nudity or violence, or it may just be bat shit crazy enough to make enduring the low quality worth it.

But what’s the difference between a bad movie and a movie that is so bad it’s good?

There’s no right or wrong answers to this question, obviously. Rather, instead of finding the answer, the QOTD is meant to get you talking about what sorts of things you look for in bad movies that you also happen to enjoy.

For me, it has a lot to do with genre. Anything sci-fi or fantasy, for me, is fair game. I used to love walking the aisles at the video store and marveling at the VHS covers; the art always promised something that the movie rarely delivered on. As a kid, I hated that. It felt like a bait and switch tactic (I guess it was). Nowadays, I don’t care that much about how slick SFX are, and I really appreciate the world building some of these lower tier genre films are able to do on non-existent budgets.

But sometimes the acting, editing, direction, production design, and music are just so bad that nothing can save a bad film and nudge it over the line into bad/good territory.

Where do you draw the line between bad movies and movies that are bad but somehow still good?

Tell us all about it in the comments below, and let’s talk trash cinema!

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Author: Billy Dhalgren

“A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts.” -Andrei Tarkovsky