Which Director Has the Best Filmography?

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It’s a question we’ve all probably have asked ourselves at some point in our life: which director has the best filmography? 

I know the easy answer is Steven Spielberg, but there are not many directors who have the longevity he does in the business and can still turn out a great film. In my opinion, Spielberg is still able to make a blockbuster or Oscar-drama that is enjoyable to watch. They may not be as fondly remembered in 30 years as his films from the ‘80s and ‘90s are, but they’re still damn fine.

Other directors like Rian Johnson, Brad Bird or Christopher Nolan also have great filmographies, but they’re also relatively small. The only one with a wealth of features that could rival Spielberg (at least for myself) would be Alfred Hitchcock, but I haven’t seen enough of his films to make that call.

So what about you, folks? Name a director you think has the best filmography and tell us why!

I’ll see you in the trenches.

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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