Who Would You FanCast for the MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’?

Nothing gets a conversation and/or debate going faster than an alternate casting. Everyone has their own opinion about what actor should play which role and, more importantly, nobody can ever agree with anyone else’s picks. If it’s even slightly different than what you pictured in your head, you will immediately disregard it and ridicule the person who suggested it. The aim of the FanCast is to inspire conversation, create debate and provide ammo for the bloodthirsty nerds who can’t ever be wrong.

According to internet gossip, the Fantastic Four, along with a ton of other superheroes, will have a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Which means whoever they cast is about to be ruined soon, so there’s no better time to start the predictions.

Here are my choices for the MCU’s Fantastic Four.

Henry Cavill | Mr. Fantastic

What you might have seen him in: The Witcher, Man of Steel, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Why he’d be perfect for the role: The internet might have a hard on for John Krasinski in this role but I just can’t see him as a brainy nerd. I also said that about him playing Captain America and he’s made me eat my own words as of late, so I’ll probably be wrong once he’s inevitably cast but until then, my ideal pick is Henry Cavill. For a couple of reasons: 1. He’s already mentioned his desire to join the MCU as Captain Britain. 2. He’s a real life nerd, having beaten The Witcher 3 many times and being a huge fan of Warhammer 4k. 3. He’s one of the last huge stars not attached to the franchise and 5. It could afford Marvel the opportunity to subtly diss DC by utilizing their flagship actor more efficiently.

Vanessa Kirby | Sue Storm

What you might have seen her in: Pieces of a Woman, Mission Impossible 7 & 8

Why she’d be perfect for the role: If Krasinski is Marvel’s top pick for Mr. Fantastic, as rumors are to be believed, than it stands to reason they’d also cast his wife Emily Blunt as Fantastic’s wife Sue Storm. If the rumors are false, they’ll most likely go with some one else just as famous like Margot Robbie or Amanda Seyfried but if they wanted to roll the dice on a potentially great up and comer, they should go with Vanessa Kirby. She’s slowly building up heat with an Oscar nom for Pieces of a Woman and will soon become a star after both upcoming Mission Impossible sequels, so Marvel has the opportunity to get her before she’s white hot.

Nick Offerman | Ben Grimm

What you might have seen him in: Parks and Recreation, Kings of Summer, Pam & Tommy

Why he’d be perfect for the role: In addition to the Krasinski rumor, there’s an additional rumor that a Marvel wishlist of actors was released after the Sony hack that had Seth Rogen as The Thing. I think that’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard but let’s treat it as if it was legit and go down that road of out of the box casting. That eliminates the obvious picks like The Rock, Jason Momoa and Channing Tatum and could open up the door to my crazy choice: Nick Offerman. First of all, I’d change Grimm’s job from a pilot, to an agent of Shield. There’s no reason they need a pilot but they’d definitely need protection for whatever they’d find up in space. Secondly, whoever plays him will essentially be giving a VO performance since he’d only be non-rock for about twenty or so minutes, so you really want to get a commanding voice. Offerman has shown a variety of emotions with his voice alone. He can be stern, goofy, mean and even melancholic all in one scene. Ben Grimm needs an actor that can play along with Johnny’s antics while also battling depression about being a rock monster but then turn and immediately embrace being a rock because it helps him protect his family. If you say Offerman wouldn’t nail all of those and you’re a fat mouthed liar.

Sam Corlett | Johnny Storm

What you might have seen him in: The Dry, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Vikings: Valhalla

Why he’d be perfect for the role: 
If he wasn’t already in the MCU (and since I think he’s going to be used soon), I’d go with Donald Glover. If I wanted to actually pick who I thought Marvel would go with, I’d pick Logan Lerman and if I wasn’t insane, I’d go slightly obscure with Robbie Amell. But I’m going as obscure as possible because I really think this guy is going to be a big deal. Sam Corlett has done less than a handful of things with his biggest thing being Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but this year, he’ll be in Vikings: Valhalla and if it’s half as good as the previous one, it’s going to be a critical darling. The first one should’ve been a launch pad for every actor involved, so I’m rectifying histories past mistakes by turning Valhalla into one. It’s going to be big and he’s going to become an immediate fan favorite in a few months. Or I could just be crazy and completely over thinking this.

Christoph Waltz | Doctor Doom

What you might have seen him in: Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, No Time to Die

Why he’d be perfect for the role: Doctor Doom is one of the last big heavies Marvel hasn’t used yet and is arguably the only one that can fill the role of the grand over arching villain ala Thanos, so he demands an actor of equal stature. Gary Oldman and Ralph Fiennes are the two best villain actors not attached to this franchise and while they’d both kill it, it would ultimately be a waste of their talents since it’s mostly just a VO performance. They’ve both done great voice performances in the past (Oldman as the evil peacock in Kung Fu Panda 2 is still one of my favorite roles of his) but why not just cast an actor who already has a great voice? Christoph Waltz is a top tier baddie actor and his voice just sounds like what I’d imagine Doom sounding like. It’s an easy paycheck for him and a great get for the MCU. It’s a win win.


Bill Hader |  H.E.R.B.I.E.

What you might have seen him in: Saturday Night Live, Barry, IT: Chapter 2

Why he’d be perfect for the role: Within the last couple of years, Hader (along with Alan Tudyk) has become a bit of a lucky charm for the studio. He’s been a bit character in multiple films for them but now that he’s got a bit more clout, I think it’s time to give him something a bit more meatier or at least, something guaranteed to print him money. H.E.R.B.I.E is a joke character. He was created for the cartoon as a replacement for Johnny Storm. It was long believed that they took out the Human Torch because they were afraid kids were going to light themselves on fire and while that has been debunked now, I still want to believe the myth. Because the myth is funny. That’s why he’d work in the film, because no one knows the reality. They only remember the myth, so he’s a walking punchline for 10% of the audience. Cast Hader in the role and that 10% will be dwarfed by the percentage of people who now love him.

Adam Driver | Silver Surfer

What you might have seen him in: Marriage Story, Annette, House of Gucci

Why he’d be perfect for the role: Silver Surfer is going to be the character that sets up phase 5, mark my words. Right now, phase 4 is all about the multiverse, so I doubt we’ll see either Galactus (who’s going to be their next Thanos) or Silver Surfer till late in the game as a teaser for what’s coming next but once they do show up, they’re going to be a big deal. Which means Marvel is going to go with a big name actor. Keanu Reeves’ name has been floating around, and while I like that idea (I can also see him as a slightly older Mr. Fantastic), I think Driver is the perfect man for the job. There’s something about Driver that just feels alien. He doesn’t feel like he belongs in Hollywood. Nobody quite acts the way he acts. No one is silly or goofy the way he’s silly or goofy. No one shows grief and regret the same way he does. He’s a one of a kind outsider, just like Silver Surfer. You can even say, they’re both out of this world.

I’m sorry.

Ron Perlman | Galactus 

What you might have seen him in: Hellboy, Nightmare Alley, Sons of Anarchy

Why he’d be perfect for the role: There’s two ways you can go with Galactus: Either commanding or creepy. Since he’s 10000x the size of planets, it would make sense that his voice would be big and booming but I think it would be more unique and interesting if he sounded like The Lich from Adventure Time. So I’m getting the actor who voiced him. But here’s the thing, even if they went the other way, he can do that too because he’s Ron Perlman and he can fucking do anything.

These are the actors I would cast if I was making a live-action Fantastic Four for the MCU. Who would you FanCast?

Author: Sailor Monsoon

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