Will There Ever Be Anything Like ‘Star Wars’ Again?

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It’s the 45th Anniversary of the film Star Wars today. 45 years spanning 6 decades and here we are…still talking about Star Wars.

In some ways, if you are looking at the negative side of the franchise, Star Wars is like a shambling corpse—a zombie franchise. Every time you think it’s nearly dead, it begins to shamble forward again, mouth agape and ready to eat your children.

But if you take a positive view of the franchise, you will see a vibrant collection of stories that have managed to capture the imaginations of multiple generations—and continues to do so (despite some missteps along the way).

And so it begs the question: Will there ever be another Star Wars?

Now, I’m not talking literally. I’m not asking if Disney will make more Star Wars movies. I mean an original movie, or set of movies, that are as culturally relevant, popular, and long-lasting as Star Wars has been. And before you throw out Harry Potter, Superhero movies, or Lord of the Rings, let me shut that down. I’m asking specifically about original films. Adaptations don’t count.

Alright, then. Fire away. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Author: Dhalbaby

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