Down the Tubes: The Force is With ‘Kenobi’ Fan Film

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I’ve seen a lot of fan films. They can be fun, but most of them are self indulgent wankery. And subpar self indulgent wankery at that.

Kenobi is a legitimately good bit of filmmaking.

Is it self indulgent? It’s a Star Wars fan film. Of course it’s self indulgent. But beyond the fan service, this short film has some truly breathtaking cinematography, subtle but beautifully fitting music, a genuinely great performance by Jamie Costa as Ben Kenobi, and a tight, engaging, character-focused story. (You paying attention, Disney?)

The opening of this short film is just brilliant. I love the idea of Ben Kenobi wrestling with self doubt and guilt in the middle of a desert wasteland. And despite a bit of a contrived action set piece at the end, this is what I want from Star Wars. I want to feel something. I want some real human drama punctuated by action and dressed in the trappings of fantasy. Save the FX budget and give me something I can care about.

Kenobi’s not without it’s problems, though, and, as much as this short film manages to avoid the mistakes of so many other Star Wars fan films, most of the marks in Kenobi’s negative column, sadly, are the result of fan service. And it’s unfortunate, because they’re minor problems that could easily have been solved in editing, and the result would have been a damn near flawless Star Wars short film that could easily stand toe to toe with anything that Lucasfilm has produced since Disney bought the company.

Still, though, Kenobi is damned impressive (I’d put the cinematography up there with any of the Disney-era sequel films), and with the Obi-Wan Disney+ series on indefinite hold, this may be your only chance to see the character in action for a while.


What are your thoughts? Good? BadIs this what you’d like to see from an Obi-Wan movie or series?

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Author: Dhalbaby

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