A Penguin Spinoff is in the Works at HBO Max

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that a spinoff series is in the early stages of development for Oswald Cobblepot AKA the Penguin for HBO Max.

The series will be based upon Colin Farrell’s turn as the character from the anticipated The Batman film. Details are sketchy at the moment, but Farrell has been offered to reprise the role with The Batman director Matt Reeves and producer Dylan Clark serving as executive producers for the project.

Details on the background of the Penguin from the upcoming film have been kept under wraps, however the Penguin has often been portrayed as a misshaped crime boss with bird-like tendencies in Batman’s Gotham City. Previous versions of the Penguin have been voiced by Paul Williams on the classic Batman: The Animated Series; portrayed on TV and film by Burgess Meredith, on the small screen by Robin Lord Taylor in Gotham and on the big screen by Danny Devito in Batman Returns.

Let’s discuss!

Any time a spinoff movie or series gets mentioned before the main film has been released, my eye gets twitchy. This is because I have very little faith in Warner Bros. handling of any DC property. It seems no matter who is in charge, they make the worse decisions possible.

In the early 90’s they decided to take the dark-toned, immensely successful Tim Burton Batman franchise and turn it campy. More recently, the Justice League film and dismissal of the Snyder-verse… need I say more? Wonder Woman 84 was a mishandled disaster. Spinoffs? Remember The Trench spinoff from Aquaman?

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the small screen successes such as Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Titans, Doom Patrol and the inexplicably cancelled Swamp Thing. So, lets get in the duck (see what I did there), hold our collective breath and see what happens!

The Penguin series is in early development. The Batman is set to be released March 4, 2022.

Ok people, fire away! What do you think, good idea or bad idea? I’m 5′ 2″ and could make a great Penguin… ok, maybe a swell Wolverine.

Author: Ralph Hosch

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