Actioner ‘Force of Nature’ to Star Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth

Variety has reported from the Cannes Film Festival that Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth have both signed onto an upcoming action feature titled Force of Nature.

Executed from a script by Cory Miller (Salvation, The Fix), Force of Nature will centre on a retired detective who must protect the residents of a building during a hurricane evacuation; nearby criminals are meanwhile attempting a daring heist which sets the two parties on a collision course.

The film will be directed by Michael Polish (Twin Falls Idaho, Nona) and production will begin in Puerto Rico on July 19th.

I thought I might be invited. But I wasn’t invited. I got the title wrong.

This is the second role announcement for Gibson at Cannes, (the other as a rough Santa in the planned holiday comedy Fatman), who looks like he’s taking on board some nice and varied roles since Dragged Across Concrete;  meanwhile Bosworth is currently busy with this year’s I-Land mystery/sci-fi show for Netflix.

I don’t know if the concept is screaming ‘breakaway hit’ yet. Gibson has a ton of middling-to-good quality action films post Lethal Weapon but seems to be searching for the role which will re-earn him the acclaim that he’s gotten in the past and certainly enjoys now as a director. He’s straight up 90% of what works well in Blood Father (that and his onscreen repartee with William H. Macy); Gibson’s talent and skill should not be in doubt.

But he may need a definitive role that would remind the world of this fact.

What do you think, Wasteoids? Gibson back in action roles? Let us know what you think in the comments!