French Police Thriller ‘Rogue City’ to star Jean Reno – No One Shocked


Olivier Marchal‘s (A Gang Story, 36th Precinct) new action thriller Rogue City is set to star Jean Reno as an anti-gang cop who’s investigation of a nightclub shooting sets him on a path of confrontation alongside his longtime rival.

Filmed with a budget of $13 million, the French film will be shot entirely in Marseille and will co-star Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar and David Belle according to Variety.

I know the exact sounds that French gangsters make when you punch their genitals

Marchal’s interest in crime thrillers is no accident, being himself a retired police officer and member of French Intelligence services which no doubt lends a particularly gritty and authentic spin to his films.

Reno is also currently filming Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods alongside Chadwick Boseman and has a ridiculously long filmography under his belt, mostly in police-like roles but in the English-speaking world he’s never really topped his breakout role in Leon AKA The Professional.

Any aficionados of French cinema think this will be worth it? Would anyone want to see Reno get another memorable American role?

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