‘Blade Runner’ Live-Action Sequel Series in Development at Amazon

The Blade Runner universe lives again!

Despite numerous box office failures suggesting that audiences do not care about this franchise, Hollywood just won’t stop trying to shove it down our throats. Amazon Studios has just greenlit a live-action series set 50 years after the events of Blade Runner 2049.

Titled Blade Runner 2099, the follow-up series is being executive produced by Ridley Scott, who directed the original Blade Runner movie. But hold up, here’s the best part… Scott may direct the series if it moves forward. That’s right, Scott might return to the universe he helped create 40 years ago.

And there’s good reason to believe this series will move forward. Amazon is reportedly fast tracking scripts and is looking to get this series into production fast. Sources state the first live-action Blade Runner series is a high priority for Amazon.

You may remember that we previously reported on a potential Blade Runner series last November. Well, apparently when Scott was teasing us about Blade Runner and Alien series, he was already in talks with Amazon about the project. That sly old fox was drumming up some online hype to probably get Amazon to pony up even more money for the series.

Blade Runner 2099 is another notch in Amazon’s belt in terms of acquiring content to appeal to the nerd culture. It also has its Lord of the Rings prequel series out in September.

Are you excited for more Blade Runner? Where do you think the series will take the franchise? Is 50 years too big of a time jump? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments below!

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute Doc, uh, are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?"