Last Week(s) in Hollywood: ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Alien’, ‘Lethal Weapon 5’ & More

There’s a lot of breaking news in Hollywood happening every minute. In the age of the blockbuster, it’s easy for some smaller movie and television news to slip through the crack. Last Week in Hollywood is our new weekly series highlighting all the interesting news from the last week that we thought didn’t warrant its own post, but was still worth mentioning. It’s less personal opinions and more a hearty roundup of what you might have missed.

Third Magic Mike Film in Works for HBO Max

Channing Tatum, director Steven Soderbergh, and writer Reid Carolin are all set to return to the world of Magic Mike for Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The project, which will see Tatum reprise his role as Mike Lane, will be a HBO Max exclusive.

Tatum and Soderbergh reportedly developed the story that “would properly bring the film franchise to a conclusion.”

Ridley Scott Confirms Blade Runner, Alien TV Series

Ridley Scott has confirmed that live-action TV series set in the Blade Runner and Alien universes are in the works. Blade Runner is being plotted as a 10-episode series. Scott revealed that the pilot and story bible have already been written, so “we’re already presenting Blade Runner as a TV show, the first 10 hours.”

Scott stated that Alien is getting a “similar” treatment. The pilot and bible are both being written right now and will also run for 8 or 10 episodes. Noah Hawley is still attached as showrunner for the Alien series on FX.

Mel Gibson to Direct Lethal Weapon 5

Mel Gibson has revealed to The Independent that he will be directing Lethal Weapon 5. He said that Richard Donner asked him to direct the film should he pass:

“[Donner] was developing the screenplay and he got pretty far along with it. And he said to me one day, ‘Listen kid, if I kick the bucket you will do it.’ And I said: ‘Shut up.’ But he did indeed pass away. But he did ask me to do it and at the time I didn’t say anything. He said it to his wife and to the studio and the producer. So I will be directing the fifth one.”

Gibson will also be reprising his role as Martin Riggs in the upcoming film, and the hope is to bring Danny Glover back as Roger Murtaugh. Work on the film will hopefully start in 2022.

Netflix to House Power Rangers Universe

Netflix has closed a deal to be the streaming home of new Power Rangers series and movies. Jonathan Entwistle (The End of the F***ing World) is still attached to direct the new feature-length film.

eOne‘s President of Global Television, Michael Lombardo, revealed the news:

“Since we set up ‘Power Rangers’ with Jonathan, we pitched really a whole-world approach. It’s not just one show; it is shows followed by films, some kids’ programming. We have found a great writing partner for him; they are off. Knock on wood, Netflix is excited, we’re excited, we hope to have some news soon.”

Clifford the Big Red Dog 2 in the Works

Paramount has announced that it is developing a sequel to Clifford the Big Red Dog. The 2021 live-action adaptation was based on the popular children’s book series and starred Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp, Tony Hale, and Kenan Thompson.

The first film premiered in theaters and on Paramount+ earlier in November. No word on if Paramount will be repeating this distribution method or if it will have an exclusive theatrical release. It is also unconfirmed if director Walt Becker and writers Jay Scherick, David Ronn and Blaise Hemingway will return for the sequel. We’ll keep you posted.

Riders of Justice to Get English-Language Remake

According to The Hollywood ReporterLionsgate has secured the rights to an English-language adaptation of Riders of Justice. Riders of Justice writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen will co-write the script with Nikolaj Arcel, who was credited as coming up with the idea for the film.

Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps Entertainment, the production company behind Stranger Things and Free Guy, will produce the remake. In Riders of Justice, “Mikkelsen plays Markus, a soldier whose wife is killed in a train accident. A statistics expert named Otto (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), who happened to be on board and who offered her his seat, comes forward claiming it wasn’t an accident, but collateral damage from an assassination carried out by the Riders of Justice motorcycle gang. For Markus, Otto, and their friends, this sets off a twist-filled revenge journey that asks deeper questions about chance versus fate and our place in the universe.”

Warner Bros. Rebooting Under Siege

Warner Bros. is working on a reboot of the 1992 Steven Seagal action movie Under Siege for HBO Max. Timo Tjahjanto will direct the reboot from a script by Umair Aleem. The duo reportedly collaborated and developed the pitch together. No word on if Steven Seagal will have a role in the film, but I doubt it.

That’s it for the last couple of weeks. What projects mentioned are you interested in seeing the most? Tell us down in the comments!

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