Down the Tubes: Artist Draws All Joker Portrayals From the Name “JOKER”

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Have you ever watched a time-lapse video on YouTube where someone is drawing a movie character that is painstakingly accurate? How about when they draw a character using constraints? Well, earlier this year to celebrate Joker‘s 11 Academy Award nominations, TheBoxOfficeArtist drew a “tutorial” drawing of the Joker out of his name. Only TheBoxOfficeArtist doesn’t just stop with Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-winning portrayal. He draws all the iconic Jokers from the 1966 TV version to Hamill’s animated Clown Prince of Crime from Batman: The Animated Series. The finished product is absolutely stunning and I encourage you to see it for yourself.

Do you think you could draw the Joker out of his name? Which Joker portrayal is underrated in your opinion?

In a battle royale, which Joker would be left standing if all they had their disposal was a pencil, a switchblade, and a gun that went BANG?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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