Down the Tubes: Check Out Stop Motion Animated ‘Fett: A Star Wars Story’

Down the Tubes is a (semi) regular feature where we, the SAW staff, share our favorite movie-related videos with the Wasteland. 

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So far this week, we have shared Boba’s First Job and Boba Fett: The 12 Parsec StareIf you haven’t already, you should go check out those videos. Both are examples of solid Star Wars fan films.

Continuing on with the theme, today we’re sharing a very well-made stop motion film called Fett: A Star Wars Story. The movie was written and directed by Danny Somoza using figured and vehicles from Habro’s Star Wars toy line and what I have to assume are handmade dioramas for sets. A lot of thought, creativity, hard work, and love obviously went into this little film. It has its flaws, but if you consider the limitations this guy must have been working within, the flaws are so easy to overlook.

But you be the judge.

What did you think about Fett: A Star Wars Story? Did this nail the spirit of the character or miss the mark? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Dhalbaby

I like big Bigbooté, and I cannot lie.