Down the Tubes: ‘Dune’ in Five Minutes

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Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sprawling, epic work of science fiction literature, Dune, is one of this year’s most anticipated movies. It’s also one of the year’s riskiest films.

Dune is one of the most famous and beloved science fiction books of all time, but it also has a reputation for being weird, confusing, and inaccessible. David Lynch’s prior adaptation of Dune in the 1980s was a box office failure. It’s hard to know whether to attribute that failure to the source material or Lynch’s handling of it, but for some people, Lynch’s film is the only point of reference for the sci-fi classic.

All of this presents a challenge for what the studio hopes will be its Star Wars Saga. To make matters worse, Villeneuve’s adaptation is planned as a duology, and since the second film hasn’t been officially announced, if the first film fails at the box office (like Villeneuve’s other big budget sci-fi film, Blade Runner 2049 did), it’s likely we’ll never see the director’s full vision for Dune. 

One Dune fan is doing the lord’s work in the hopes of making Herbert’s dense work of fiction more accessible to mainstream audiences. He’s produced several videos dedicated to demystifying Dune.

If you’ve never read Dune, but plan to see the movie later this year, Quinn’s Ideas is a great place to start. And his “Dune Explained in Five Minutes” video is probably the shortest short cut for people wanting a primer before they head off to cinemas this December.

Do you think Villeneuve’s Dune is fighting an uphill battle with general audiences or are audiences savvier to nerd shit in 2020 than they were in 1984 when Lynch’s film failed to excite the curiosity of the masses?  Does this video help?

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