Down the Tubes: ‘Freak Night’: Synthwave Meets Creature Feature

Down the Tubes is a (semi) regular feature where we, the SAW staff, share our favorite movie-related videos with the Wasteland. 

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If you’ve been following SAW for a while, this might look familiar. I shared some of Starcadian’s work a few years back, but something this good bears repeating. Freak Night is a great little creature feature that harkens back to 80s sci-fi, horror, and even classic music videos like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Hell, even the shot of the building at the beginning is giving me a Uneeda Medical Supply vibe.

But why talk about it, when you can see for yourself. Enjoy.

What did you think about Freak Night? Did it hit the right spots or was it too on the nose? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Dhalbaby

I like big Bigbooté, and I cannot lie.