Down the Tubes: The Art of Buster Keaton

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While Chaplin might be the biggest star of the first 50 years of cinema (and arguably the most famous of all time based on name recognition and the instantly recognizable image of his Tramp character) and the actor most associated with the silent age, he isn’t my favorite silver screen clown. Buster Keaton is and will always be my favorite physical comedian. As much as I love Chaplin and Lloyd and Arbuckle, there’s just something about the way in which Keaton constructs a gag or performs a stunt or creates a set piece, that puts him ahead of everyone else.

The always brilliant Every Frame a Painting (RIP) showcased Keaton’s incredible talents in one of their best videos ‘Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag’. The video highlights the many stunts that made him a legend and how his impact can still be felt today.

What did you think about Every Frame a Painting’s video? Are you a fan of Keaton or silent comedians in general?

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Author: Sailor Monsoon

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