‘Gemini Man’ Clip: “Bike Fight”

IGN has released a clip from the upcoming action film Gemini Man, starring Will Smith and a younger CGI Will Smith.

After seeing the latest trailer for Gemini Man, I was interested in seeing how realistic the CGI Will Smith would look in the film. The fact this isn’t even Smith de-aged, but a completely CG character is a tad mind-boggling and makes you question what is possible in film.

On the motorcycle fight featured in the clip (which was a pretty cool scene), director Ang Lee spoke about his usage of a high frame rate to hopefully give audiences something new:

“Motorcycles, for example, motorcycles in a 2D movie is so strobe-y, the way to pump your energy is to do horizontal speed. So you have the speed and quick cuts. People get used to that. But now you see the performance. You don’t see the strobes, it doesn’t look that fast, what do you do?…So I think that’s a new kind of filmmaking and also this kind of a staging in and out of the perspective. First person, third person kind of exchange. It’s a different kind of language and involvement for both filmmaker and the viewer.”

Gemini Man hits theaters October 11, 2019.

What did you think of the clip? Will you be cheering for Old Man Smith or the Fresh Prince?

Author: Marmaduke Karlston

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