Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Hijack Thriller ‘7500’ Soars to Amazon

The high-flying terrorist thriller 7500 from Patrick Vollrath and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt has just landed near-exclusive distribution rights via Amazon Studios according to Deadline.

Vollrath’s feature film debut is somewhat light on plot details despite being in post production, but will centre on a cockpit-side view of a terrorist attack where Gordon-Levitt plays the role of Tobias Ellis, copilot of the troubled flight.

The film is set for release on July 18th of this year.

Vollrath also wrote the script and the film costars German actors Carlo Kitzlinger (Berlin I Love You) and Max Schimmelpfennig (Counterpart, Das Boot).

Gordon-Levitt has a few more projects on his roster including an as-yet unnamed science fiction project with Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, political drama The Trial of the Chicago 7 and a self-directed R-Rated musical comedy titled Wingmen with Channing Tatum.

Amazon Studios also landed the rights to a French-speaking adaptation of Les Miserables by Ladj Ly, a retelling of the Victor Hugo tale against the backdrop of modern Parisian ghettos.

I think it’s nearly always a good thing to see Gordon-Levitt working, (that is unless it’s a certain unforgivably poor Christmas comedy – no really, The Night Before is like a cleaned up version of that video tape the hapless crew finds at the beginning of Event Horizon) and he does tend to do pretty well in thriller-type roles especially ones that resonate with the political psyche (Snowden), it doesn’t get more real than a terrorist air plane hijacking.

What say you, Wasteoids? Any Amazon Prime subscribers looking forward to this offering?

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