M. Night Shyamalan Teases New Story With a ‘Sci-Fi Bent’

Fresh from the release of Glass, the third part of his Unbreakable trilogy, it seems that M. Night Shyamalan is interested in heading back into sci-fi territory:

Soooo…about that.

The first thought in most people’s mind is no doubt exactly how bad After Earth is generally considered. And it’s a sentiment I have to agree with, from the poor casting, bizarre dialogue, over-written and uninspired background material, cheap-looking set design and shoe horned fable-esque plot there’s not a lot that could convince me that it’s not one of the worst big budget films ever made.

But I think most people can agree that Shyamalan has a unique vision and a certain style that is distinctly his own, even if occasionally none of that gets effectively translated onto the screen.

While Glass is enjoying some mixed reviews, he has bought some interesting and fun offerings to the table over the years (without even mentioning what remains as his opus, The Sixth Sense, which I’ll admit is almost groanworthy to mention in its obviousness) so it may not be outside the realm of possibility that he’s learned some lessons, grown a little and shown that he can bring a new sci fi offering out that lives up to the hype he sometimes seems to struggle against.

And lets not forget that he suggests (while we’re overanalyzing tweets) that the sci fi element may not even be that central to the story; Signs remains one of his better films and the aliens in that are barely present until the final twenty minutes or so.

What say you, Wasteoids? Is Shyamalan’s inconsistency starting to get you down or are you game to take a gamble and see what he dreams up next?

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