Monster Sketch Monday – The Raptors from ‘Jurassic Park’

I couldn’t bring myself to re-do the Tyrannosaur sketch I had planned for last week, but with Becky O’Brien’s excellent Canon post on Jurassic Park going live today I couldn’t just do NOTHING JP related! So instead of the hero of the story (Rexy’s the hero in my book), today we’re focusing on the villains.

I know that the science on Velociraptors has changed significantly since the movie was released – they may well have been covered in feathers for instance – but I’m always going to picture them the way they were shown in Jurassic Park. That demonstration that Grant puts on for the kid near the beginning of the movie with the claw? Yeah that made in impression on me when I first saw it. (Even if the kid turned out to be more right than not – “big turkey” indeed.)

The movie spends a decent amount of time building the raptors up, with feeding time and Muldoon’s concern about them testing the fences, and it all pays off when the power goes out. The ‘raptors are pack hunters, and the scene with Muldoon trying to buy time for Elly to get the power back on is a fantastic illustration of how they work. Clever girl!

The scene in which they hunt Lex and Tim in the kitchen is the most suspenseful in the entire film for my money, and I’m including the scenes with the T-rex. When I saw the film in 3-D the moment where one of the ‘raptors leaps for the characters getting in to the ceiling actually made me jump. That’s quality entertainment! You don’t get to hunt kids with impunity, however, and I’m always happy to cheer when the Rexy saves the day, putting the pack hunters down. (See, I told you she was the hero.)

While there are plenty of human villains, I much prefer the ‘raptors, though they were never again quite as scary in the later films as they were then they first appeared.

What about you? Did the ‘raptors make an impression, or were they just oversized turkeys to you as well?

Monster Sketch Follow-Up

If you remember last week’s Monster Sketch Monday, I’d shown the “ruined” drawing I had intended to post – one of “Rexy” from Jurassic Park. To say I was disappointed in how badly I’d messed it up would be an understatement. Luckily, my friend Rick Arthur – a talented artist in many a medium – decided to help me out by turning it into something awesome! Though the T-rex is now having the worst day ever, I think it came out great and it reminded me that sometimes cool stuff can be created – even out of ‘failures’ – when another point of view gets involved.

Author: Bob Cram

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