Quentin Tarantino Discusses the Possibility of His 10th Film Being a Horror Movie

Quentin Tarantino has stated numerous times he plans on only making ten films. He has also discuss some possibilities of what that tenth and “final” film might just be. There has been the long discussed Rated “R” take on Star Trek and even recently saying he may do a third Kill Bill. He has covered several different genres of film from crime thrillers to Westerns to Martial Arts and World War 2. However, after witnessing the Spahn Ranch scene from his newly released film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, many are clamoring for a full blown horror film from the director.

The Spahn Ranch scene was one of the most intense scenes of QT’s career that had shades of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a lot of viewers on the edge of their seat waiting to see what would happen. The movie is worth a watch based on this scene alone in my opinion. Apparently, I’m not the only one who has thought how great it would be for Tarantino to do a full fledged horror film, as he was asked, “Why not make your tenth film a horror movie?” during a promotional international press outlet for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. His response:

If I come up with a terrific horror film story, I will do that as my tenth movie. I love horror movies. I would love to do a horror film. And I do actually think that the Spahn Ranch sequence is the closest to a horror sequence. I do think it’s vaguely terrifying. And I didn’t quite realize how good we did it, frankly, until my editor told me. He goes, ‘the Spahn Ranch sequence is a horror film…it’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a budget.’

As a horror and Tarantino fan, this possibility has me pretty excited. Of course he is familiar with the genre with his involvement in From Dusk Till Dawn and Death Proof, but taking the intensity he has brought during certain scenes (the French Tavern in Inglorious Basterds anyone?) from some of his other films, it seems like a match made in horror heaven.

What do you guys think? Would you be down to see a horror film from QT or are you looking forward to something else for his tenth and final film?



Author: Vincent Kane

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